Transfusion 2024 Programme Virtual Event

Monday, 19th June 2023
Louise Sherliker - Programme Director
Farrukh Shah – Medical Director, Transfusion and T2024 Programme SRO
Suzy Morton – Transfusion 2024 Education Lead
Vicki Chalker – NHSBT Chief Scientific Officer
Matthew Bend – T2024 Blood Stock Project Lead
Elaine Howe – T2024 Clinical Trials Network Project Lead
Laura Hontoria Del Hoyo – NHSBT Director of Pathology
Helen Thom – T2024 RCI Development Lead
Gary Cavanagh – Business Development Manager, RCI
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Transfusion 2024 aims to improve transfusion safety and outcomes for patients though a range of exciting projects. This is an invitation for you to learn more about the NHSBT Transfusion 2024 projects, the progress made to date and the next steps. This is a two-part event, with a morning session and afternoon session. Please see the programme on our flyer, to ascertain which part(s) of the day may cater to your interests and register accordingly.


Registration details or contact for further information:



Registration details:

Session 1 (morning): 

Transfusion 2024 projects that seek to improve transfusion practice, including:

-       Education to support clinical transfusion practice

-       Scientific/technical education/training

-       Stock management integration

-       Development of a Clinical Trials Network

Session 2 (afternoon): 

Transfusion 2024 projects that seek to improve patient safety and efficiency using IT, including:

-       RCI Remote Interpretation

-       Electronic requesting and reporting of Fetal RHD tests

-       Why a National Haemoglobinopathy Register linked to NHSBT is important


22nd April, 2024 (Monday)(In 1 week)
BGS Transfusion 2024 will again take place on the Jubilee Campus, Nottingham University from 22nd to 24th April 2024. The conference will follow its usual format with cutting edge lectures,…
22nd April, 2024 (Monday)(In 1 week)
North West
23rd April, 2024 (Tuesday)(In 1 week 1 day)
The LoPAG meeting will be opening up their meeting to the other RTC regions to share data, knowledge and expertise.A formal invite letter will be sent shortly.