Blood Transfusion Education and Discussion Group (BTEDG)

The NHS Blood and Transplant Patient Blood Management team launched the Blood Transfusion Education and Discussion Group (BTEDG), formally known as the Biomedical Scientist Empowerment, Education and Discussion Group, back in September 2020. The BTEDG is free to access for everybody and aims to address the need for an on-going programme of education and continuing professional development for healthcare professionals working in blood transfusion. 

Meeting monthly, a subject matter expert is invited to lead on a pertinent topic, before opening the session for discussion between attendees and speaker. The curriculum considers key industry recommendations and is also informed by users, adapting in response to feedback provided by attendees.  

The group meets on the last Wednesday of every month at 14:00-15:00. 

Click here to register to become a member of the group. You only need to register to the group once. Once registered, you will receive invites for all future events. There is no requirement to register for each individual event. 

If you would like to lead a meeting of the group, you can express your interest by completing this form. 

The group is run by the Patient Blood Management team at NHS Blood and Transplant, with the support of an organising committee, comprised of subject matter experts and group members. You can contact the organising committee on: 

Photograph of Selma TurkovićPhotograph of Danny GaskinPhotograph of Sasha Cooke

From left to right: Chair: Selma Turković, Deputy Chair: Danny Gaskin and Administrative Lead: Sasha Cooke, all of NHS Blood and Transplant.