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Wednesday, 28th February 2024 (
1 year ago

The new North East & Yorkshire End-to-End Transfusion IT group has created an electronic regional IT profiling survey to give us an overall picture of the region. This electronic survey closed on 09 February 2023, data from this survey will be used to help facilitate and promote shared learning across our region, and the report will be shared with all RTC members.  

North East and Yorkshire

Other Regions

(9 months ago)

 This valuable package of guidance and template documents has now been updated. This guidance covers clinical governance issues to protect practitioners and patients. The package is now available in our Documents and Resource section

(1 week 4 days ago)

As part of the Scientific Education and Training Strategic Plan for Transfusion 2024 a new webpage is being created as a central holding area for many useful transfusion resources, freely accessible to all.

(6 months ago)

7th December - South East Transfusion Practitioners virtual meeting 

South East