QS 138 Quality Insights tool 2023

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QS138 Quality Insights Audit Tool is a free quality improvement benchmarking audit tool for hospitals to regularly self-assess their compliance to elements of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) QS138 Quality Standard. Now available in England and Wales.
Transfusion 2024

Other Regions

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The United Kingdom and Ireland Blood Transfusion Network (UK&IBTN) has developed resources to support patient consent for blood transfusion for both patients and healthcare practitioners, as recommended in guidance published by the advisory committee for the safety of blood, tissues and organ

Patient Involvement
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The North-East and Yorkshire RTC End to End Transfusion IT survey report is now available.

North East and Yorkshire
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Why not view and subscribe to the PBM England YouTube channel. It has many useful educational videos and past presentations.