East of England RTC Hosted Successful Education Event

Monday, 15th April 2024 (
2 months ago

The East of England RTC hosted a very successful virtual education event - Mums, Babies and Blood.  Subjects covered throughout the morning included blood groups, massive haemorrhage, fetal DNA, Anti-D, haemolytic disease, anaemia, patient sampling errors and case studies.  Thank you to all the speakers for their very informative presentations and discussions.      

East of England

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(7 months 3 weeks ago)

7th December - South East Transfusion Practitioners virtual meeting 

South East
(6 months ago)

Notification of new documents and resources available on the website and upcoming events

South West
(10 months 2 weeks ago)

The RTC hosted a successful virtual education event on the 3rd of May 2023. PowerPoint presentations and recordings from the Shared Learning from the Amber Alert are now available via our events page.

 Thank you to all our speakers and attendees.

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