Happy New Year from all the Transfusion 2024 team!

Wednesday, 28th February 2024 (
1 month 2 weeks ago

Happy New Year from all the Transfusion 2024 team!


We are pleased to confirm that since November 23 all of the T2024 team are now in place and we are making good progress on all the T2024 workstreams. 


We appreciate all your support so far and wanted you to know that your engagement is vital for the development, implementation, and success of T2024. 


Please continue to visit the T2024 website, as we will be providing regular updates and additions to the site to keep you informed of our progress and the ways that you can get involved.  


Once again Happy New Year - here's to Transfusion 2024!


Transfusion 2024

Other Regions

(10 months 4 weeks ago)

The RTC hosted a successful virtual education event in February. Presentations from Mums, Babies, and Blood are now available to view. Thank you to all our speakers and attendees. 

East of England
(10 months 2 weeks ago)
Patient Involvement
(1 week 4 days ago)

As part of the Scientific Education and Training Strategic Plan for Transfusion 2024 a new webpage is being created as a central holding area for many useful transfusion resources, freely accessible to all.