Audits and Surveys Templates

Transfusion related

Audit on reversal of DOAC associated bleeding/head injury

Ths is a case by case audit tool designed to capture use of novel anticoagulants in an emrgency trauma/head injury setting. It should be used in conjunction with the Warfarin reversal audit tool

Audit on Warfarin Reversal

This audit tool allows data collection on an individual patient basis. It looks at the use of Vit K anatagonists in individual patients and should be used in conjuction with the DOAC audit tool but can be used separately if required. This is data collection intensive and users should consider hown many cases can be included or conduct the audit over a defined time period

Transfusion Delays - Cases

This audit tool allows data collection on an individual patient basis. It looks at time periods during a transfusion process (e.g order to collection to administration) of blood. Patient outcomes (discharge dealys etc) are also included. This audit is data collection intensive and consideration as to how many cases you wish to look at should be considered

Transfusion Delays - Organisational

This is a large scale audit tool in two parts (organisational and cases). The organisational survey looks at how blood is provided, staff training, reporting processes, rejection rates and staffing


Conference/Education Event Feedback Survey

This survey allows feedback on an education event or conference. Up to 8 speakers feedback sessions can be included but more can be added. It also covers venue, catering and any ideas for future events. Speaker assessment is on a Likert scale approach:

Information Database - General

This is part of a survey suite designed to gather intelligence on transfusion related resources in hospitals in a region. The general survey includes information on TP numbers, Whole Time Equivalents, traning levels and locla policies related to trnasfusion

Information Database - Obtetrics

Harvests information on PBM in relation to obstetric management. Trigger points for iron supplementation, anti-D use and obstetric haemmorhage policies  

Information Database - Patient Blood Management

Covers PBM practice, tranexamic acid use, cell salvage, use of O positive blood and consent to transfusion.

Information Database-Laboratory Managers

This gathers information on laboratory systems, electronic issue, MBOS and empowerment policies

Maternal Anaemia Survey

A brief survey to examine current practice in treating maternal anaemia. Contains questions on type of iron product used, IV iron, oral iron, trigger points for administration and key time points for checking parameters

Patient Blood Management Survey

This is a large survey conducted several times and collects information about hospitals ability to address patient blood management. It asks about Transfusion Practitioner numbers, employment, PBM initiatives implemented by organisations and consultant time allocations to PBM. It also contains a section on the NICE Quality Standards 138 which has been adopted by the National Comparative Audit for repeat assessment and data submission to the model hospital. Questions in this survey can be copied and used in other similar data collection exercises.

Profiling Information Technology Systems

This is a IT profiling survey and is designed to capture information about IT systems currently in place in hospitals. It covers the type of LIMS system they have, use of TEG/RoTEM systems. It also includes integration approaches, pathology networks, recording of consent and blood tracking