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Action Plan 2024

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East of England Action Plan 2024 149.24 KB

Guidelines for the identification and treatment of acute transfusion reactions (under review)

HTC Templates

Major Haemorrhage Guidance (under review)

Following the recent publications of the NICE guidelines on trauma and the BSH guideline on the haematological management of major haemorrhage, we have made some changes to our regional guidance documents for both adults and children to ensure that they are in line with recommendations.

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EoE MH guideline 54.42 KB
EoE MH in children 2016 102.43 KB
EoE MH in trauma 39.74 KB

O neg Red Cells - Top Tips to Reduce Usage and Wastage

Regional Transfusion Team Terms of Reference

Shared Care - 2021

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Shared Care - 2021 156.23 KB

Transfer of Blood - 2018