Transfusion Laboratory Managers

The National Transfusion Laboratory Managers group is a working group under the direction of the National Blood Transfusion Committee assisting the progress of laboratory tasks in the NBTC workplan. The group membership includes a Transfusion Laboratory Manager from each of the RTCs, NCG, and NHSBT representation. The primary purpose is to promotes safe and effective transfusion laboratory practice within hospitals. The group collaborates closely with NHSBT reviewing service delivery changes and the potential impact on hospital transfusion laboratories. 

In recent years the group has produced advice and support for hospital transfusion laboratories during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the blood supply challenges. The group creates and shares resources to promote transfusion laboratory safety including quality management, laboratory staff training and competency and scientific and technical elements. The group escalates concerns and challenges raised at a regional level to the NBTC for further support. 

For further information please contact:

Chair: Julie Staves 
Deputy Chair: Kerry Dowling 
Administrator: Celina Bernstrom